Roaming Band London


Choose the perfect extras for your party

(all options subject to availability)

The Band Size

Add an extra guitarist/vocalist – £595

An additional guitar playing lead vocalist to create a bigger band and a bigger sound!

Add trumpet – £595

Extra brass, extra fun!

Additional trio of musicians – From £1495

Perfect when you have large guest numbers in different areas separate or one very large event space

The Music​

Surprise a guest – £295

Select a guest to surprise at your party. We’ll plan the best time with you & perform a song from our repertoire entirely for them!

Request a song not in our repertoire – From £345

Add a special song into our performances...for bespoke options think BIG songs with well known lyrics for your guests to enjoy & sing along with!

Add a song after your wedding ceremony – From £295

Choose a special song for directly after your ceremony

Café Del Mar Welcome Sets

(PA System Supplied - Perfect for afternoon drinks, or to welcome guests into any event)

Saxophonist with backing tracks – £1495

1 hour set

Percussionist with backing tracks – £1495

1 hour set

Saxophonist & percussionist with tracks – £1995

1 hour set

Enhance Your DJ's Set​s

Saxophonist with your DJ – £795

1 hour set

Percussionist with your DJ – £795

1 hour set

Saxophonist & percussionist with your DJ – £1295

1 hour set

The Amplified Options​

Roaming sets with amplification – £POA

Perfect for when you have high guest numbers or a particularly loud space - Add wireless headset microphones and speaker systems for The Travelling Hands performances

Stage sets – £POA

Connect us with your AV team to confirm the price for traditional stage sets

The Suits​

Suit change between sets – £250

The Travelling Hands will change suits in between sets to deliver extra style for your guests

Two suit changes in between sets – £395

Creating a total of 3 looks for The Travelling Hands at your party. EXTRA style for exclusive events where only the best will do.

Making memories!

The Instagrammable Party​ – From £695

Book an extra team member from The Travelling Hands crew to discreetly photograph and film The Travelling Hands performances at your event, creating extra Instagrammable footage and photos from your event supplied to you in full. Request more info on this option HERE

Acoustic Roaming Band London

“All of our guests have been saying how much they loved you.”