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Rosewood Little Dix Bay: The Travelling Hands in the British Virgin Islands

We're off again! This time it's in the lap of luxury in the British Virgin Islands, where we're expanding our partnership with the iconic Rosewood Hotels at their exclusive bolthole, Rosewood Little Dix Bay, perfectly situated on the idyllic Virgin Gorda. We'll be taking you on an exciting musical tour of this secluded island paradise and bringing you that Caribbean flavour with new music in our famed modern acoustic style. Come with us to explore the pristine beaches, the azure Caribbean seas, historic sites and, of course, the exquisite Rosewood Little Dix Bay! We have some musical treats in store for you in our latest video, so let's explore one of the World's greatest getaways! Are you ready?

Baywatch in blue

Virgin Gorda is a beautiful untamed wilderness nestled on the fringes of the Caribbean, with the calm Caribbean sea cradling it in its warm arms and keeping the wild Atlantic at arms reach. The islands served as a famous anchorage in 1959 which accommodated Sir Francis Drake and Sir John Hawkins's final rendezvous at Bitter End before meeting their very own whilst failing to ply Puerto Rico from its Spanish clutches. See just how beautiful the island is from the air in this clip, before we fly down and land on the powder-white sand beyond the colourful barrier reef. Do you know what this famous song is? We think it's pretty fitting in welcoming you to the island.

That's it, the theme from Baywatch. A must for your beach playlist to get you in the mood for the next adventure. But what is in store? Let's find out now...

From coast to coast

Ready about! We pay homage to the classic Duran Duran video for Rio, as we sail over the crystal blue Caribbean waters with Rosewood style.

Jost Van Dyke

After our maiden voyage we set foot on Little Jost Van Dyke and discover an historic gem, this beautiful little church was near swept away by a hurricane but it provided the perfect setting to kick back and relax with some Bob Marley.

Now we've relaxed and done some sight-seeing, it's time to sail the high seas in our luxury yacht and find our next stop on our beautiful island adventure, but where to?

The perfect cocktail

Who doesn't love a piña colada on the beach? We certainly do, but today we have something extra special in store. After a quick swim to shore, we need to dry out our dollars at the famous Soggy Dollar bar, luckily it's tradition to hang them up behind the bar to air out - we know they're likely to end up there anyway! And in keeping up tradition, we settle in with a few Pain Killers, the island's legendary heady take the classic piña colada, enjoyed with some bar games on the pristine white sands, of course.

But perhaps we had one too many? Where exactly have we gotten to next? It looks like we might be in for a production of Castaway 2! Can we find our way home?

Rosewood's premier entertainment pavillion

Luckily the amazing team at Rosewood Little Dix Bay helped us find our way back to their incredible property. And there's no time to waste, we are getting ready for a big performance in our new cream Marc Darcy suits, they're just perfect for entertaining in. Nothing beats the excitement building up to a fantastic evening making people dance and sing in one of the world's most beautiful locations. Once we're suited and booted we make our way to The Pavillion, Rosewood's premier entertaining space.

Raising the pavillion roof!

It's time to close the night in style. Watch the full director's cut below to see our big finale and the song we closed the night with!


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