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Rosewood London Videos: A musical extravaganza

We recently partnered with the incredible Rosewood London - an iconic luxurious hotel in Holborn - creating some musical magic together. Allow us to showcase this magnificent establishment with our acoustic twist! Have you ever wanted to look behind the doors of one of London's most exquisite hotels? And to see what delights await you in your five-star stay? Well...why not come along with us on a musical extravaganza and experience the beautiful styling for yourself as we explore what's behind the elegant gates of 252 High Holborn. Welcome to a celebration of opulence in one of London's finest five-star hotels set in a remarkable Edwardian grade-2 listed building with (much like The Travelling Hands) a contemporary twist at the hands of some truly remarkable talent. Join our roaming band, The Travelling Hands, as we stroll through this incredible property - we also have a very special guest from Rosewood London to introduce to you.

I'm Tom Warner, founder of The Travelling Hands and I'm excited to show you what we've been up to with our friends at Rosewood London... Shall we begin?


"I launched The Travelling Hands back in 2011, and for over 11 years I’ve been working directly with our clients to ensure that their weddings, parties and events are brought to life with music, laughter, and fun through our captivating and immersive performances.

I’ve personally helped hundreds of couples, individuals, event managers, business owners and party lovers worldwide to celebrate in style. The Travelling Hands have been invited to perform for leading global brands including Cartier, Rolls-Royce, Formula 1, Jaguar Land Rover, Hublot & Royal Ascot, and we are expertly recommended by over twenty five-star hotels in London. We would love your event to be the next stop on our global tour."


Welcome to Rosewood London: Through the gates

Under the archway, the courtyard welcomes you in true style. It's the perfect setting for The Travelling Hands to introduce you to the lavish world of Rosewood London. Its ornate Edwardian stonework surrounds you in a rich tapestry of history and timeless exuberance. How many famous footsteps have fallen on these cobblestones, and which will come next, you wonder? We expect the answer lies in its thousands. Foot tapping and hips moving, we will warm your senses to the excitement that lies beyond those iconic entrance doors and into the Bronze Gallery to commence your stay of a lifetime. Can you guess what song we are playing for you first?

That's right! It's Beyonce's Crazy in Love. And here's what happened next...

The Scarfes Bar: We're open for business!

Raise your glass! We have reservations at Scarfes Bar. Shall we toast to celebrate the reopening of this truly unique venue? Never far from the top of the World's Best Bar list with its exclusive cocktails and impeccable conviviality, it certainly offers its patrons an evening to remember. And it gets better, Scarfes Bar is considered a personal gallery by famed British artist, Gerald Scarfe, from whom it proudly gets its name. Scarfe is the mastermind behind the artwork for Pink Floyd's seminal album: The Wall, among many other impressive artistic achievements. What drink would you share with him if you happened upon a seat at the bar? We think ours would be one of the specially bottled house cocktails that we could enjoy whilst taking in a little live music. Trust us, there's nothing better than turning your drinks and dinner into a party. Whichever way it's enjoyed, Scarfes Bar is back!

Grand Pavonazzo: Let's take the stairs

We hope you enjoyed that tipple! So, what's next on our luxury tour? After you've wined and dined the night away in true Scarfes Bar style, it's time to head upstairs to freshen up for your big weekend. Expertly curated by designer Tony Chi, all the notes of the Rosewood London ensemble join in harmony on the Grand Pavonazzo marble staircase under the gaze of the lofty cupola. The quiet clinking of Scarfes Bar flutes and rich harmonies of The Travelling Hands mix effortlessly with the soothing stone and the lure of the signature suites calling to you for a good night's sleep. Luckily, we have the perfect song to play you into the next chapter of your evening, and tomorrow at Rosewood will be an exciting one, at last... we'll meet the special guest we've been waiting for!

The Bronze Gallery and Beyond: Time to meet our guest

But we're not stopping there, it's a new day and Rosewood is ready to receive you, and our honoured guest awaits us eagerly. Let's take a stroll through the Bronze Gallery that forms the threshold of luxury, to the top of the Grand Pavonazzo staircase to meet him now. He's the one man who can deliver the luxury you deserve, but do you know who it is yet? Then it's on to discover the famous Pie Room, where chef Calum Franklin is designing something exquisite for the menu, before checking out the signature suites with the main man himself. "It's time", he says, to head to the Courtyard for the grand finale where we meet the wonderful, dedicated people who make your time at Rosewood London absolutely unforgettable. Of course, The Travelling Hands are there to celebrate with the finest of London hotels. So which song did The Travelling Hands choose to celebrate the reopening of this incredible hotel?

Ok, so you know the song for sure, it's the classic Never Forget by Take That, effortlessly brought to life by our acoustic experts, and who was our special guest?


Absolutely right again! It's none other than Michael Bonsor, Managing Director of Rosewood London. Michael has personally overseen the success the Rosewood London since 2013, bringing it into the limelight as one of London's finest hotels. From the Holborn Dining Room to the Mirror Room and Scarfes Bar, this 306-bedroom establishment is perfectly poised to deliver excellence.


Under recommendation from over twenty five-star hotels in London alone, The Travelling Hands are delighted to make some musical magic with our friends at Rosewood London. We hope to see you all there very soon! One last thing, as an added gift, we've included the full-length video for you. Take a look below!

Rosewood London: The Director's Cut

So, we hope you're delighted with your musical exploration of Rosewood London with our special guest and enjoyed the music we hand crafted for you. Through the Bronze Gallery, up the Grand Pavonazzo marble staircase, through the signature suites, and stopping for a bite of luxury in the Pie Room and a tipple in the Scarfes Bar before joining your new friends at Rosewood London in the Courtyard for the grand finale, we hope we have made this an experience you will Never Forget! Without further ado, here is the Director's Cut:

So, if you want to elevate your event into a bespoke musical extravaganza then we would be delighted to accommodate your request. Just get in touch to discuss your plans with our founder, Tom.

With special thanks to Michael Bonsor and our friends at Rosewood London, and TwobyTwo videography.


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