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Wedding Breakfast Entertainment – Let’s ignite your celebration

Wedding Roaming Band London
Photo by Damien Milan Photography


When it comes to your wedding dinner, your favourite people in the world are all seated together for just a few hours. We don't get many opportunities in life like this, and we believe that the key here is to energise your guests, ease them out of their shells & to help them celebrate with you through these magical hours. The Travelling Hands roaming sets during this time are the performances that we are best known for. Here's how we do it...


  • There is a huge shift in guest psychology as the wedding breakfast arrives. At this time of day, the wedding ceremony has of course concluded, guests have had lots of time for their catch ups & they've likely enjoyed a glass (or more) of bubbly alongside a canapé or two! They are ready to welcome you into your wedding breakfast with a big cheer, enjoy your delicious menu and begin the celebrations.

  • Guests become much more relaxed at this time of day and we believe this provides the perfect opportunity to have some fun. The perfect musical entertainment here can enable your guests to fully relax, it can unite guests of different ages, and it can transform a sleepy meal into a celebration. Our job here is simple.............we're here to ignite your celebration


  • Our mobile nature allows to weave through different tables performing singalong numbers up close and personal to different groups of guests as they enjoy your wedding dinner. This is entertainment that can surprise and delight. Don't be surprised if you see a musician taking an empty seat as they sing to you, standing on a chair as a saxophone solo is performed, or even lay on the floor during a performance for some extra comedy value! This is entertainment where the rulebook has been well and truly thrown out the window.


  • Feel good musical entertainment at a wedding relies on a great setlist and great interaction. Here The Travelling Hands will perform songs from a range of decades and styles to ensure that guests of all ages are included throughout the setlist - with The Beatles to The Backstreet Boys you can expect the setlist to take some unexpected (but always fun) twists and turns. The world's greatest hits are performed through an interactive, engaging and immersive performance.

  • Our performances are organic, and so our song choice has to be too. Whilst we have a big list of arranged and rehearsed songs for your big day, the guests we come to through a wedding breakfast dictate the order of the songs that we play. So if we meet the grandparents or elderly relatives at one table, we'll know the right songs to play for them at that time; or if we meet a table of guests in their 30s, we'll know the right songs to play for them too! We often have requests from guests and we'll happily do everything we can to give guests a little soundbite of what they're after too for an extra special performance.


  • Letting your guests settle into the wedding breakfast is a great idea before there is a performance from The Travelling Hands. As they relax into their meal, it will create even more of a surprise for them at the time when we 5 or 6 chaps in British suits come marching into dinner to begin singalong numbers. Typically we'll perform 2 x 45 minute sets here or sometimes 3 x 30 minute sets to best suit your meal.

  • If you have speeches during your dinner, then we can also suggest putting one of our sets immediately after these have come to an end. After guests have been taken on the emotional highs and lows of the wedding speeches, they relax even further to celebrate your big day with you. This is a wonderful moment and if we were to offer one piece of advice here it's not to waste this moment! this is the perfect time to place a performance from The Travelling Hands. Guests have cheered, toasted and applauded your marriage. NOW is the perfect time to have some fun, and to capitalise upon this magical moment with feel good music for your entire wedding party!


You deserve to party all day on your wedding day, so why wait until the evening? Don't let guests fall asleep during your wedding breakfast with a gentle playlist. This is the time for your celebration to really begin!

Find out more about The Travelling Hands' wedding performances online here - Roaming Wedding Band


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