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The Travelling Hands Rosewood London

Roaming bands explained – brilliant captivating musical fun

How does a roaming band perform at events? How does a roaming band perform at weddings, parties or even corporate events, and when are the best timings to put roaming bands performances at your event.

A roaming band or acoustic roaming band is a group of musicians who are able to move through a venue as they perform with their instruments.

The Travelling Hands are an acoustic roaming band from London – they perform with acoustic guitars, saxophone, percussion and double bass.

So how do Travelling Hands take their roaming performances to different events? Read below to find out!

Your author…My name is Tom & I founded The Travelling Hands in 2011 and I manage every performance that we attend. I work directly with our clients to make sure their weddings, parties and events are enriched with music, laughter and fun through our immersive performances.

I’ve helped hundreds of couples, individuals, event managers and party lovers worldwide to celebrate in style. We’ve performed for global brands such as Facebook, Google, Rolls-Royce and Formula 1 – I’d love to help you too.

London Roaming Band The Travelling Hands
London Roaming Band - The Travelling Hands


The Travelling Hands are a roaming band that perform feel good songs tried and tested over 10 years of performances. We find the songs that guests will love to sing. We pick songs that guests love to sing, so that we can draw out the fun side of your guests and create a PARTY with our captivating and immersive feel good entertainment! Perfect for all ages we pick feel good songs all the way from the 1950s to some of the latest chart toppers too and everything in between. Infamous songs loved by young and old is what we do! So when does a roaming band perform? Let’s look into the most popular performance times:


Making dinners fun – from a typical wedding breakfasts of 100 guests to corporate gala of 2000 – making dinners fun at these events is what The Travelling Hands are famous for – using their acoustic roaming entertainment to reach every guest.

Here – The Travelling Hands will perform to different groups of guests at a time providing fun interactive entertainment as they move through the event spaces that they perform within. Think fun musical performances where guests often find themselves becoming a part of the band themselves!


This is another very popular time of day for roaming performances to take place. Evening drinks receptions at all manner of events are a great time for roaming entertainment. No matter if your guests are spread across a bar, inside or outside, why not heighten these moments with some interactive entertainment that reaches your different guests.

Daytime drinks receptions are also a popular choice. These are naturally more gentle moments (as often guests are catching up and saying hello for the first time). Music becomes a lovely accompaniment at these times of day. A lovely touch at afternoon drinks receptions at a variety of events from summer parties to wedding receptions after the ceremony.


The Travelling Hands roaming performances are flexible by nature. Not restricted to a stage, and without power being a necessity, this suddenly means a lot of venues and different events at different times of day are now possible for performances.

The Travelling Hands have taken their roaming performances to boats, yachts, castles, balconies, outdoor spaces, offices, streets and even buses! The perfect entertainment for so many parts of events that are easily overlooked.

Want further info and a quick chat about your event? Click the link below to book into my diary – let’s have a chat, look into your event and see if The Travelling Hands acoustic roaming entertainment can be the perfect match for you and your next event!


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Covid-19 Safety

The safety of our clients, guests, venue staff, all other event attendees and our team is incredibly important to us. We have multiple steps in place to ensure safety at our events during this time:

  1. Adhering to government regulations before, during and after all events.
  2. Adhering to venues’ covid safety policies.
  3. Using face coverings where necessary.
  4. Offering instrumental sets (no vocals) where necessary.
  5. Offering socially distanced static sets both where required and or sensible over this time to reduce proximity to guests and other team members. This can be fully acoustic or with amplification.
  6. Working with AV Teams, we can perform with wireless microphones to ensure that guests can enjoy the musical performances from a safe distance (with or without roaming as required to maintain safety), or we can perform in a more traditional format from a stage in one place.
  7. More detailed risk assessments available for each event.