COVID-19 SAFETY: Click here to learn more about our COVID-safe performances


The Travelling Hands take pride in creating high class video productions, just as much as they pride themselves in providing first class performances at their clients’ parties and celebrations. View The Travelling Hands’ different videos and categories on this page to check out the band’s performances at your own leisure.

2020 Video Partnership with Rosewood London

London Showcase Video

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Acoustic Sessions in Portugal

"Loved these guys – talented, likeable, versatile and with a great repertoire"

Rory Bremner, Comedian & Impressionist


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Covid-19 Safety

The safety of our clients, guests, venue staff, all other event attendees and our team is incredibly important to us. We have multiple steps in place to ensure safety at our events during this time:

  1. Adhering to government regulations before, during and after all events.
  2. Adhering to venues’ covid safety policies.
  3. Using face coverings where necessary.
  4. Offering instrumental sets (no vocals) where necessary.
  5. Offering socially distanced static sets both where required and or sensible over this time to reduce proximity to guests and other team members. This can be fully acoustic or with amplification.
  6. Working with AV Teams, we can perform with wireless microphones to ensure that guests can enjoy the musical performances from a safe distance (with or without roaming as required to maintain safety), or we can perform in a more traditional format from a stage in one place.
  7. More detailed risk assessments available for each event.