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The Travelling Hands Wedding Roaming Band

Wedding breakfast entertainment – let’s have some fun!

Wedding breakfast entertainment, – are you looking for tips and tricks to make your wedding breakfast more fun? Read on…this blog post is for you!

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My name is Tom Warner & I founded The Travelling Hands in 2011 and I manage every performance that we attend. I work directly with our clients to make sure their weddings, parties and events are enriched with music, laughter and fun through our immersive performances.

I’ve helped hundreds of couples, individuals, event managers and party lovers worldwide to celebrate in style. I’d love to help you too.

Wedding Breakfast Entertainment - Let's look at the popular options

– Wedding Favours are a fantastic way to start. Offer your guests something personal that they can take home and enjoy after your wedding.

– Drinks as they enter. Let’s make sure those glasses are topped up and that no one’s looking around to try and catch someone’s eye.

– Your entrance into the wedding breakfast – make it fun! Celebrate it and make sure you add music to this point of your entrance. This is such a celebratory moment where you’re typically announced to the room again with your husband or wife to your guests. Pick a fun song to be heard at this moment and make sure your venue are fully briefed to make this happen! Or one step further – have a band perform for you live!

– Make your wedding breakfast a party – Live music can transform a wedding breakfast, Don’t send your guests to sleep with a relaxed playlist. You want to warm them up so that they are ready to party later on in your day! The Travelling Hands specialise in performances during wedding breakfasts.

Performing singalong anthems that your guests will love to celebrate with – let’s turn this meal into a party! Their roaming wedding entertainment has been designed to allow them to move through the wedding tables and perform for your different guests delivering feel good musical entertainment with songs right a range of decades – with rock n roll classics from the 1950s through to modern hits from 2020. The world’s greatest hits performed unplugged in an interactive, engaging and immersive performance.

– Games – why not add some games into your wedding breakfast. This could be an interactive quiz involving all of your guests (we’ve seen this work brilliantly).

– Speeches – Don’t forget this is the most popular time of day for speeches. Let’s make sure those giving the speeches are heard – make sure you venue has a microphone ready for you.

Find out more about The Travelling Hands’ wedding packages online here – Roaming Wedding Band


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  1. Adhering to government regulations before, during and after all events.
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  3. Using face coverings where necessary.
  4. Offering instrumental sets (no vocals) where necessary.
  5. Offering socially distanced static sets both where required and or sensible over this time to reduce proximity to guests and other team members. This can be fully acoustic or with amplification.
  6. Working with AV Teams, we can perform with wireless microphones to ensure that guests can enjoy the musical performances from a safe distance (with or without roaming as required to maintain safety), or we can perform in a more traditional format from a stage in one place.
  7. More detailed risk assessments available for each event.