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Christmas entertainment to elevate your party!

We've reached that time of the year when Christmas party planning begins to really accelerate. The holiday season is the perfect time to gather with friends, family, and colleagues to celebrate the joy and magic of Christmas. It's never too early to start planning parties for the most wonderful time of the year and we have some tips to help you celebrate in style for Christmas 2023.

Performing on the beach - The Travelling Hands at Rosewood Little Dix Bay
The Travelling Hands at Rosewood Little Dix Bay

Christmas parties come in different shapes and sizes, whether you're hosting an office party, a drinks reception in a bar or a large scale event with a full a night of entertainment, The Travelling Hands roaming entertainment can help to elevate your event, break the ice and allow your guests to fully unwind for all of these event options. Let's run through the a range of Christmas parties and examine how we can help you. But introduction...


Tom Warner, founder of The Travelling Hands at Rosewood London
The Travelling Hands Founder, Tom Warner

Meet the Author: Tom, founder of The Travelling Hands.

"I launched The Travelling Hands back in 2011, and for over 12 years I’ve been working directly with our clients to ensure their weddings, parties and events are brought to life with music, laughter, and fun through our captivating and immersive performances.

The Travelling Hands have been invited to perform for leading global brands including Cartier, Rolls-Royce, Formula 1, Jaguar Land Rover, Hublot & Royal Ascot, and we are expertly recommended by over twenty five-star hotels in London. We would love your event to be the next stop on our global tour."


An intimate dinner party

It can be hard to find entertainment for a smaller Christmas party occasion. Luckily, a roaming band like The Travelling Hands is a great addition to a more intimate event. By performing acoustically, The Travelling Hands can create a relaxing yet entertaining set for your guests. Leaving the stage behind, they're able to get up close and personal to your guests, helping them to feel united with interactive memorable performances. Here's a little clip of the team warming up performance just before we began celebrations in a London bar last year.

An office party

Hosting a party in your office?! No problem! The Travelling Hands can perform without a dance floor and would slot perfectly into your office party, transporting guests away from their office chairs and into the Christmas spirit. The team are very used to performing in office spaces and our roaming musicians can be very adaptable to your event space.

Roaming bands can provide singalong entertainment in spaces where you might have previously thought could be unachievable. Moving through your office spaces, singing Christmas classics, and helping your colleagues or clients to relax at this special time of the year, The Travelling Hands offer the perfect entertainment to elevate your Christmas Office Party.

Venues with multiple areas

If you have guests spread out in multiple areas, then a roaming band can work very well by moving to guests, and where static entertainment would be restricted. The Travelling Hands can travel in between rooms, entertaining different groups of guests in different areas.

Even better, The Travelling Hands can work with a production company to make the performance amplified. This means that the band can be heard wherever your guests are throughout a venue. A great production company can create can perfectly distribute sound throughout a venue area at the perfect level, making music clearer for guests and creating a more enjoyable experience whilst enabling guests to still chat with one another as they enjoy the music.

A large scale extravaganza

If you're having a large scale event, perhaps with a dinner or food stations and a full night of entertainment, then roaming performances can be a great option to perform at during your evening to help get your party started!

After your guests have arrived and settled into an event, The Travelling Hands can begin playing to break the ice and ensure that guests are in the mood to party.

The Travelling Hands are best known for performances during dinner service transforming a meal into an immersive musical experience, roaming around your tables (or around your guests if they are standing) to engage and energise your guests as they dine..

You can even make your events extra special by looking at our extra options - special saxophone performances with your DJ, suit changes and more.

The key takeaways...

A roaming band like The Travelling Hands is a perfect way to add entertainment to your Christmas party, creating unforgettable experiences in any type of venue whether yachts, offices and of course to more traditional event spaces too. Let's create an event to unite your guests and leave them talking about your celebrations long after the holidays are over.

Ready to begin your journey with us? Click the link below to book a call directly into Tom's diary to find out more.


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