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What is a roaming band?

What is a roaming band? How does a roaming band perform at weddings and events? When are the best timings for a roaming band's performances?

Let's take a deep dive into roaming entertainment and find out exactly what a roaming band can do for you! But first...a quick note from The Travelling Hands founder Tom.


Hello and thanks for reading our blog...I founded The Travelling Hands in 2011 and I manage every performance that we attend. I work directly with our clients to make sure their weddings, parties and events are enriched with music, laughter and fun through our immersive performances.

I’ve helped hundreds of couples, individuals, event managers and party lovers worldwide to celebrate in style & we would love to help you celebrate in style too! Now.....back to the blog...



Simply put – a roaming band is able to offer musical performances and simultaneously stroll (or roam) with acoustic instruments through almost any area of your venue, providing music that travels directly to you and your guests. This is singalong entertainment on the move. The Travelling Hands offer their roaming entertainment with acoustic guitars, double bass, saxophone, mobile percussion and multiple vocalists in their team to bring harmonies and extra volume as they perform energetic feel-good hits from a variety of decades to entertain guests of all ages. From The Beatles to The Backstreet Boys or Simply The Best to Sweet Caroline, this is singalong entertainment for everyone.


Without the restrictions of a stage, The Travelling Hands performances can be up close and personal with your guests no matter if they are relaxing in an afternoon champagne reception, enjoying a sumptuous wedding dinner, or even reminiscing on the night before during a post-wedding day lunch. The mobility of the band enables performances in these moments of a celebration that can often otherwise be overlooked as an opportunity for live performances.


Whether a champagne reception at a wedding or an afternoon corporate party, this is naturally a more gentle time of day. Often guests are catching up and saying hello for the first time. Throughout these moments, music becomes a great accompaniment to slowly ease guests out of their shells as they enjoy their conversations and relax into the day. Here, The Travelling Hands' roaming entertainment can slowly move through your guests bringing acoustic songs to different groups as they settle into your event.


The most popular time for a roaming band performance is during dinner at special celebrations. Guests are generally much more relaxed during this special meal. At weddings for example, catch ups are complete by this time, the afternoon drinks have started to sink in, and your guests are in a celebratory mood. At this point, The Travelling Hands can ignite a celebration. By providing great singalong entertainment through dinner, guests young and old are united via feel good immersive performances with no boundaries.

From standing on chairs to even performing whilst lying on the floor, The Travelling Hands can really accentuate the relaxed atmosphere at this time of day to fully break the ice, and transform a gentle meal into an immersive and epic dining experience with singalong entertainment. The fast transition of song styles from 50s rock n roll into some 80s pop and then perhaps from Whitney Houston into Frank Sinatra adds to the unpredictable fun even further. This is energetic entertainment where the rulebook has been well and truly ripped up and thrown out of the window.

Think of The Travelling Hands here as the ‘hype team’ for your celebrations – taking guests by surprise and transforming a dinner into an epic sing-along party.


From the gentle accompaniment of afternoon drinks to the exciting possibilities of performances during a wedding dinner – a great roaming band can play off your guests’ emotions at different times of the day, elevate the atmosphere to heighten their experience, and transform typically gentle moments like dinners into unforgettable parties!

For those who want to celebrate at their events from start to finish, for those with party-loving friends or colleagues who love a singalong, and for those who simply want MORE fun – the roaming entertainment of The Travelling Hands may be just what you’re looking for.

Could The Travelling Hands be a great fit for your celebration? Click the link below to book a call into Tom's diary – let’s have a chat, tell Tom more about your plans and see if The Travelling Hands can be the perfect match for you!


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